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    Server Setup Checklist


    by fooman2 ·

    I’m looking for a checklist of some type in setting up a Small Business Server 2003. Any links or info would be very helpful. I already found some excellent videos on You Tube as well as Microsoft Tech Net. However I was looking for some real-life info (ie do’s and dont’s).

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      hopefully this will help

      by mothershelper ·

      In reply to Server Setup Checklist

      make sure your HDD’s are NTFS formatted and formatted into at least two drives – one for the OS and one for the rest

      have ALL your discs there ready to go – if you have to load RAID drivers have them right there when you boot up for the first time and SBS2003 starts loading – watch for the F6 message

      be sure you know if you’re setting up a domain controller, member or stand alone before you even insert the disc

      if you’re not sure – I’d go with stand alone

      have your lists ready – who is who, IP addies, DNS, etcetera/a list of what programs you’re going to install and in what order starting with all things Microsoft – namely because thay have the world’s slowest servers for their update sites – then the important programs – then the toys

      DO NOT install the OS while it’s on the network or put it on the network until you’ve hardened it – this includes going into the services and shutting down/disabling the ones you won’t need or be using – load the security updates including the service packs that apply to your configuration and about 20 other things – google server hardening or search this site and you’ll find all kinds of lists for this task

      be sure to make yourself an emergency boot disc and to backup everything as you go (install by install)

      don’t get or be impatient – setting up a server even just to use for yourself takes some time

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