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Server Shutdown Policy

By fm21496 ·
Hi there,

I am trying to implement a basic server shutdown policy for production servers in my company and wonder if I can some ideas from anyone who is familiar with this type of policy. Thanks in advance for your help.


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policy purpose?

by shiny_topadm In reply to Server Shutdown Policy

Hi, do you mean a policy statement to define the circumstances when production servers can be taken down? Or, to define what happens when they need to be taken down (like notifications, etc.) Or, to say that they will not be taken down except... (like a statement of "uptime goals"). Also, who is this policy for, the [internal] user community, IT staff, corporate executives, customers, vendors? I know I'm asking many questions, we may have a suitable answer for you if you can give just a bit more info...


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Policy Purpose

by fm21496 In reply to policy purpose?


The policy is for user community and IT staff.

My terminal servers have no configuration settings that apply to idle and disconnected Rdp sessions. My boss doesn't not want me to configure these settings. We need to restart our terminal servers on Sundays to recover from waisted system resources so that our servers won't hang during regular business hours.

Thanks for your help.

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identify key needs

by shiny_topadm In reply to Policy Purpose

Hi, I'll take a stab at this, since you helped fill in some of the blanks...

1) I would find a weekly time that (by mutual agreement) would be most acceptible for a re-boot. In my case, we currently run two shifts locally, but no weekends, so I could chose before 6:00AM, after 9:00PM, or on Saturday or Sunday to re-boot. I have made the general statement about the times selected; that the system "may" be unavailable for maintenance during those times. I've yet to have a complaint.
2) Since you are having some "system resource" problems, I would lobby strongly for idle time-out rules. I don't know what your backend systems are, but maybe something could be done there. I understand how 30 minute inactive logouts might be a nuisance, but how about 4 or 6 hours inactive? You may still be tying up resources and that could be part of your troubles.
I hope this helps,


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