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Server swap/upgrade

By rouse ·
Server swap/upgrade
I have two servers, one is a fully patched 4.1 and the other runs NW5.0. I own the original base licenses & upgrades for each to nw 4.2 & 5.1 respectively - each with 50 user license that I've not activated yet. My 4.1 svr is about to die. So I Bought a new server w/o an os.

I need to move the 5.0 server to 5.1 on the new box & replace the old 4.1 server with 4.2 on the 5.0 box.

To make things more complicated, the current 5.0 server has my tape backup hardware. Soif I use dsmaint to move the directory services, will it be possible to bring the new 5.1 server online & keep the old 5.0 server online to restore files?

I've been prowling for info on server swaps using the same license for upgraded OS on different machines. I need to keep the server names the same as they were. Anybody had experiance with this?

Thanks in advance...

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Server swap/upgrade

by tressdetector In reply to Server swap/upgrade

I would like to do:
1. Upgrade current 5.0 to 5.1
2. Full backup of 5.1
3. Take tape drive off
4. Install tape drive to new server
5. Install a fresh 5.1 to new box with a new tree
6. Save ds to new server
7. Take old server off line
8. Active DS on new server (get how to do migration of Netware document for the details)
9. Restore the data from backup tape

Do the same for the 4.0
For your job is easier purchase another tape drive.

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by mejiacne In reply to Server swap/upgrade

This is what I would do

1. Take a full backup of the 4.1 server
2. Take a full backup of the 5.0 server

NW5.0 server
1. Install NW5.1 on the new hardware on a different tree from production

2. Use Netware Migration Wizard to migrate the NW5.0 server to NW5.1

3. Install Tape Drive and backup software on NW5.1 server

NW4.1 server
1. install NW 4.1 on old NW5.0 server
2. use dsmaint to restore DS
3. Upgrade to NW4.2
4. Restore data from backup

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