Server system drive is to small

By rcb ·
I have inherited a server with my new position that has a system drive that is to small. The drive is a c drive that was allocated 4 gig of space. It only has 73 meg of space left and I need to move files and free up some space in a hurry. I have done all that I know by getting rid of files and applications that are unneeded but it is not enough. I think the big problem is the winnt folder with all the windows updates that are necessary for security. There is no unused part of the partition. Is there a way to move system files to another partition?

Thanks for any help.

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by scott_heath In reply to Server system drive is to ...

You have inherited a nightmare. Have you reloacted the swap file yet? I'd do that first if you can. Then this weekend I'd back everything up and rebuild, or you will be dealing with this forever. I keep my system drive small, around 8gb, and it's typically OK as long as the swap and apps are on a nother drive.

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Been there done that.

by rcb In reply to Ugh...

The swap file already existed on another drive.
I thought that if the drive was mirrored I could replace one drive with a larger drive and let it rebuild then replace the other small drive with a larger one and let that rebuild. Would that then create some unused partitions that I could expand? Or does that extra space become unusable?

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by scott_heath In reply to Been there done that.

On your RAID controller. The older Dells wouldn't let you add space that way. You had to rebuild the array. You can try it though. As long as you have the one good mirror you can always put it in and rebuild the set. I would refer to your RAID controller docs.

If you are using Windows Server software RAID then you should be able to do exactly what you are talking about.

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by PoloWRx In reply to Depends...

Take an image with some good imaging software add bigger drives and then spit the image back down. Scriptlogic image center works with raid.

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