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    Server Unavailable- HELP!!!!!


    by trihimbulus ·

    I have a user that has not been in the office or logged into his comp in about 3 months. I opened his Outlook (2000) and it said “Microsoft Exchange Server unavailable… The Server containg the Global Address List is no longer available”. I am running Exchange Server 2003 b.t.w. – Where do I begin here? Do I need to uninstall his Outlook on his computer? I can’t even get into it…

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      begin at the beginning. maybe he is logged in with cached credentials and something is wrong with his network connect. maybe his password expired. maybe the rights on the exchange server changed. can you surf web. can you net view. can you ping exchange server. can you walk over to exchange server and see his account in there? if yes then i would carefully check out his outlook and exchange configuration in control panel. I would look in the event logs on the misbehaving client. then i would troubleshoot this at search the knowledgebase for troubleshooting Outlook Outlook startup switches and connecting to Exchange Server for stuff that looked like my problem.

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      by haileyan ·

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      I think you need to remove the computer from the domain and re-add it. When you remove it make sure the coresponding computer entry in Active Directory Users and Computers also actually gets removed. Remove it manually if it did not before re-adding the computer to the domain.

      Make sure you can ping the exchange server.
      Make sure there are no bogus entries in your Hosts file for exchange.

      Make sure that a virus has not modified your TCP-IP settings to use bogus DNS servers.

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        by haileyan ·

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        You should be able to right click on the Outlook icon on the desktop and select properties to get into all of your exchange connection information. If the Outlook icon is not on the desktop run a repair of Outlook by going in to Add/Remove Programs and selecting the change option for Outlook or Office. Then select repair.

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