server: user login issue

By ontherise78 ·
I just installed a Synology DS209 server onto our network, shared particular files and went to every workstaion to map out the location. The issue is that whenenver a work station is turned off and restarted, the server keeps asking for a login name and passwork. How do I get the server to just allow access to all workstations.

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Are you sure you want to do that?

by seanferd In reply to server: user login issue

What is requesting the login? Is it DSM, or your network? If it is DSM, I would look at the Control Panel, e.g.,

Support is here:
But I'm sure you must have documentation, yes?

If you are using, say, Window AD for controlling access, you will have to better describe your network setup and operating systems, and what GP & ACLs you have in place.

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Not sure wthe best way to handle.

by ontherise78 In reply to Are you sure you want to ...

It is the server that is asking for login and password. I went to every workstation to map out the location of the server's shared folders and placed this icon under "My Computer". I had to initially use the admin password to set this up.

I think the issue is that I have not set up any users or groups in the server. I went though the menues of the server but could not figure it out.

I think the question i should be asking is: How do i create users on the server, only allow them access to certain folders and allow them to login without using a password?

Is this possible?

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When you say, "the server", you mean the DS209 NAS device?

by seanferd In reply to Not sure wthe best way to ...

Seeing as I don't own one of these, you will have to look at that user control panel. There must be menu items like "add user". I would assume that not requiring a pwd for the directories to which you wish to leave open would be sufficient. Right now, it only knows the admin logon, so that is what it asks for.

I really cannot go much further than this, as I have no documentation, nor such a device with which to experiment.

I would just create a group, then see what permissions/restrictions can be applied to the group.

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Thank you for the assistance

by ontherise78 In reply to When you say, "the server ...

I will try that

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I'm hoping someone who has used this can chime in.

by seanferd In reply to Thank you for the assista ...

But, if not, you can always describe any sticking points, and we can try to reason them out. Best of luck with this - it shouldn't be too terribly difficult (I would hope), so don't "over-think" the config, just experiment a bit.

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Oh, hey! There is a Wiki.

by seanferd In reply to Thank you for the assista ...

I passed over this before, but it may be just what you need.

See the bottom of the page as well, with useful links like :
* How to Create a User Account on the Synology System
* How to Create a Shared Folder on the Synology System
* How to Create a Private Share on the Synology System
* How to Create a Private "home" folder for all users on the Synology Disk Station
* How to Adjust the Privileges on the Synology Server
* How to Create Groups on the Synology System
<i> Tips
To create a public access folder:

Use the Local Group Permissions to assign a Group specific access right (RO, RW) to a public access folder. It is not recommended to manipulate the individual User permissions </i>

Looks like you should be able to easily create a public access folder - a shared folder with no passwords - which is exactly what you want, yes?

Hope this helps!

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