Server wont boot

By muradp ·
My server 2003 crashed. Ive made no changes to it. When i restart, sometimes ill get video and then itll get stuck somewhere during loading. Sometimes no video. Sometimes it wont make it past the bios boot. Once it did and displayed 'starting windows server 2003'. Another time i got an error saying ntldr is corrupt.

Any idea if this is a motherboard or power failure or is it a operating system problem. Will reinstalling server fix the problem?


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Not sure if this can help

by jamesmondtan In reply to Server wont boot

Are you having onboard VGA? Maybe in bios you try to use the onboard VGA. If you manage to boot in server, makesure check for all driver, and there is no conflict.

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I presume that this isn't a new server right?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Server wont boot

If so remove the side cover and clean out all the dust and other rubbish that is inside the case and look for any Visible Problems things like scorch marks, Exploded Capacitors, Dislodged Leads anything that doesn't look right will be easily seen as soon as you look.

When you clean the unit out Do Not Use One of the Static Charged Dusters as this will destroy the computer completely. If you can blow it out that's fine if not use a vacuum cleaner and lightly go over the internals without actually touching anything and make sure that the mains lead is plugged in so you have a solid earth just in case.

If the unit is clean with no signs of obvious damage and leads that are not inserted correctly change the Power Supply if this is still UG ring the supplier and get then to come out and fix it.

Because of your description of the fault I would guess that the Power Supply isn't working correctly and is the problem but it could be worse as if the PS has failed it may have allowed the wrong voltages inside the unit and damaged the M'Board/CPU/RAM and/or HDD/s.


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sounds like hardware but when last defragged?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Server wont boot

reinstalling would help you prove it is or isn't hardware

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by Choppit In reply to Server wont boot

The fact that sometimes you can't get past the BIOS POST strongly suggests a hardware fault.

Some things to try;

Reseat all cards, memory and cables.

Check the memory, enable extended memory test in BIOS settings.

Use a memory test utility such as Memtest86

Try running with minimal load on the PSU by removing any non essential cards/devices and possibly also disconnecting the hard drives.

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