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Server/Workstation randomly giving out

By jarret.bauer ·
I have been to this client many times over the past months trying to solve the following issue, hopefully someone can help. They have 5 pcs connected to a server through a domain. Server is running 2000, workstations are running XP. They have two software apps running on the server which everyone connects to, using locally mapped network drives. Now when everything is working, they can run the programs on the server and the workstations. But, after I leave, usually around a week later, this client calls and says they cannot run the apps on the server, and the workstations cannot connect to the server anymore. The mapped drives dont work and its as if the local network is down although they can get out to the internet. We thought it might be a memory issue so we doubled the memory to 1 gig, still its an issue. Sometimes things are corrected when they restart the server and workstations, but this time it did not solve this. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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by Duster52 In reply to Server/Workstation random ...

The first thing that comes to mind is frame type. Make sure that all workstations and server are running the same frame types and protocols.

That and make sure they are all in the same workgroup/domain.

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by jarret.bauer In reply to

That helps a little, but how would I go about doing this, checking frame types?

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by cul8rm8e In reply to Server/Workstation random ...

When you loose connection and mapped drives to the server can you ping it by server name?

Please excuse my ignorance but check for IP allocation with this server, doea this server by any chance reboot on a regular basis around the time things go wrong?

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by jdixon In reply to Server/Workstation random ...

Are you running DSL or cable modem (router)? I am having the same problems with a similiar setup, with four XP workstations, a WIN2K server, and DSL modem plugged into a switch. My DSL provider is assigning IP addresses from their domain, acting as a DHCP server. My server, which is a DHCP server, is assigning addresses also, causing conflicts. Sometimes everything works fine and sometimes quite erratically.

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