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By minookarthik ·
Is it risky to have fqdn as, regarding internet security. Is it relatively safer to have it as server1.companyname.local?

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by BFilmFan In reply to

Unless you are hosting externally-facing web servers inside of your network, there is no good reason to use anything other than .local on your internal DNS namespace.

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by minookarthik In reply to

Will the .local be of any future consequence if we decided to bring in the mail in the mail ids would be username@companyname.local

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by adembo In reply to

The .com is not a security risk unless you have that domain name registered. Do you? If so, then do not include the .com, if not, then no big deal. You can have it be .whateveryouwant

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by minookarthik In reply to

Yes our domain is registered and we have our site running with a hosting company. Now I've have already named my internal domain, so what should i do to protect it. Its already behind a soho firewall and most of the ports are closed, is it relatively safe now? What other things can I do to make it safer? Thanks for your answers, I really appreciate it.

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