server2000 locks up

By chrispc616 ·
when i go to save a file to the desktop it will sit there and force me to ctrl-alt-del and end task the process any idea why this happens, also when and if i go to install another printer weather its hooked up directly or through the network it will force the print spooler to stop, i really need to fix this asap so if any one has any idea's please let me know thanks?!

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by LarryD4 In reply to server2000 locks up

Being that saving to your desktop is not working, I'm thinking you may have a storage issue? Could you HD be close to full?

Or perhaps permissions on the drive are messed up?

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drive not full

by chrispc616 In reply to Hmph

i have 10 gig free on my local c drive, and if i right click and create a text file and can store it on the desktop and also delete it so permisions should be good specially since im logged into administrator, but the more serious question was about the print spooler if i go to add a printer and shuts down the spooler and then i have to start it back up???

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Delete the printer drivers

by LarryD4 In reply to drive not full

If you can, get rid of all unused print drivers installed on the server.

I have had similar issues and HP with their "Universal Printer Dirvers" have been causing a lot of issues on my servers. So we moved PCL 5 and 6 off of them and are now sticking to PS only.

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Delete the printer drivers

by chrispc616 In reply to Delete the printer driver ...

as far as deleting printer drivers i obvisiously know how to delete the acctual printer but it the a way to delete the acctual driver from the server or is deleting the print good enough?

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