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I am currently enrolled in IT networking, my final project for networkingII is to build a network for an insurance company that has 35 computers. I am not very familiar with servers yet. I was wondering how many computers I can run with a single server.

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What are you looking to host on the network?

by netwrk_admn In reply to Servers

Are you looking to host files, have a running file and print server, email server onsite, back up software/tape drive, ERP systems, etc...

If you have an idea of all the applications you need to form the server needs, that would be where you should begin. A file and print server could easily handle all the users, adding more services would increase the need.

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Hardware limitation

by UAnimosity In reply to Servers

The number of users that can access a server are effected by licensing, applications and the hardware of the server itself. If you're running a SQL server on desktop hard drives, you're not going to be able to get that many users on there.

It also depends on how your users are accessing the resources on the server. If you're going in on terminal services you'll need licenses for the accounts etc...

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Is this a Student Project?

by Rosengarten In reply to Servers

One server can server a million clients, one at a time. However the last guy in line will be waiting a lOOOOOng time!
The nature of the application (Web, Mail, Files, Proxy or gateway, etc.) that the server has to run, is what determines how many servers you need.
I think you should ask your teacher/professor if the number of servers is an issue. They may just want you to demonstrate an unserstanding of the network structures, in which case server or servers is just one small block of the diagram.
When in doubt, ask the pro.
Good Luck!
John Rosengarten

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