servers disapearing from browser

By Tonysear ·
We have a recurring problem where some servers will temporarily
disapear from the browser list. It is still possible to put the UNC path in & get to the server but it is not possible to browse to it. It is usually the same servers each time and can be several weeks between each disapearence. They reappear after a while, which could be a an hour or so, to 12 (ish) hours.
Network is all Windows & servers are mainly Win 2003, boxes doing the browsing are all Win Xp. All have latest patches on. There are about 150 servers & 2500 desktops, all on the same domain on a class 'C' address range.
Any help & thoughts appreciated.

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by larry.miller.0 In reply to servers disapearing from ...

Start--> Settings--> Network Connections--> Local Area Connection [or Wireless, or whatever your NIC is]--> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)--> Properties--> Advanced...

Go to WINS tab. Click, that is, enable the radio button "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP"

Do this on all networked machines.

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not sure netbui will resolve your issue

by mike In reply to servers disapearing from ...

I know using netbios over tcp is usually a faster but not necissarily better way of running the windowns enterprise. It would help if there were a WINS server but it doesn't sound like it hits the mark for your particular problem. When I have usually had this problem it has resulted from "Master browser" issues. Be carefull of which pc is the master browser and that during the election, another pc is not stepping in and trying to or actually performs the Master Browser and performs the task. The timefram you indicate for loss and then functionality returning looks more like a browser issue.You may want to force ONE particular machine to be the Master Browser and turn it off on ALL OTHERS

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by Tonysear In reply to not sure netbui will reso ...

Thanks Mike & others.
We have a WINS server configured. I agree it may be a master browser issue.
Not sure how to force a specific machine to be master browser & turn off on others. Will look into this.
Also need to convince colleague we actually have a problem!
Thanks again

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