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Servers room - implementation

By Nidhogg ·
I badly need information about security standards regarding IT servers room.

We have a server room with around 20 servers and a SAN, plus a part of the backbone. We have air conditionning redundancy, fire extinction, ...
The main question is :
Is it security-proof to put an UPS right in the middle of the room and right in front of the SAN rack (less than 1 meter) ?


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Hard to judge without seeing the room

by JamesRL In reply to Servers room - implementa ...

If the UPS is not in a rack and there is a power cord between it and the SAN rack that someone could potentially trip over, thats not good. I have seen too many failures where tired data centre people accidentally trip or unplug stuff.


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by Nidhogg In reply to Hard to judge without see ...

The room is approximately 20 square meter, but long than large. The cables are under the floor.
The floor can sustain 500KG per square meter. The UPS would be two huge cube with one containing batteries and weigthing 885KG. The main problems I'm feeling we will meet is :
- Health (noise, EMF, etc.) since we will have to work near it,
- EMF compatibility for the machines (the image on the screen of a computer put near that kind of batteries is completly bent),
- Enough space to be able to work without knocking everything down :-)

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Our UPS are located in a different part of the Building

by SkipperUSN In reply to Servers room - implementa ...

All of our UPS systems are located in power distribution room of the building - and wired to Red outlets in the respective rooms. (we have 6 server rooms - supporting 160 servers/SANs/Blade equipment.

Only the Power people know for sure which UPS is taking care of which Server rooms (unless you are good at reading electrical blueprints).

That costs much more - but if you are using an APC or other manufactures of UPS systems - then OK to have it in the same room, you are going to assume that risk. You could propose the larger UPS and the less risk to management and let them make the decision.

If it is powering all 20 servers - it maybe cheaper to go with the centralized and wiring just for the power load it needs, length of up time provided and the multi-function of conditioner/stablizer/UPS systems.

All depends on the size of the UPS and the budget you have to work within..

Hope this helps..

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