Service is not starting even when its set to automatic

By grooVe13 ·
Hi, hi've got this problem. When I start notebook with windows XP SP3 instaled, some vital services aren't running. e.g. DHCP client, Themes, Wireless Zero Configuration, ... Services are all set to automatic, and there is no error when I try to start them, but after OS restart they are stopped again (still set to automatic) I've checked the computer with latest AV ESET NOD32, checked all startup services with UnHackMe utility, everything was clean and nothing changed. I'm helpless.

I can tell there was some virus time ago, but logs were deleted (some fake AV and some trojan).

I'm starting to thing about reinstalling OS, but its the last thing.

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You may have to

by santeewelding In reply to Service is not starting e ...

Much the same happened to me with XP SP3.

Extirpation -- the complete removal, roots and all -- of the infection was not possible. There were the odd things, as you say, like XP with a lazy eye.

Finally, I replaced it with W7 Pro, but not before setting up a near-medically sterile field for the operation.

Full wipe; upgraded MB and CPU; CDs of MBAM and MS SE at the ready before networking; and, then, valid updates only before anything -- even before TR.

This is probably not practical or economical to do with your netbook. The sterile field, however, is; no matter what else you do.

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by seanferd In reply to You may have to

Your network drivers and the Themes files may be corrupted. You can always try a repair install after turning off System Restore first.

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How corrupted?

by grooVe13 In reply to Indeed.

I can manualy start those services with no error. So the files should be OK.

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thought I would ask, what are the dependencies if any?

by CG IT In reply to Indeed.

most of the time, if a service is not starting, the culprit is a dependency not starting.

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Can not reinstall

by grooVe13 In reply to You may have to

I cant reinstall the system. Its firm computer and some special applications are bound witch the system and are very difficult to install. 3th party is needed then and its very expensive. So I first need to die trying to repair it...

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