Service Level Agreement with an ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider

By chimwetar@globalinsurance ·
I am looking for a sample Service Level Agreement that I can modify and present to our current ISP. This has been necessitated by poor service levels we are currently experiencing after having migrated migrated to broadband on July 1, albeit under the impression that up times would be upwards of 90%. Ordinarily we would have moved to another ISP were it not for Wimax radio equipment that we had bought. The radio is not compatible with other ISP's setups.

Please help!

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Here is a link to a standard SLA

by robo_dev In reply to Service Level Agreement w ...

I would doubt that a contractual agreement is going to magically fix whatever technical issues your ISP has.

I would also doubt that any ISP is going to take the time/effort/cost to negotiate a SLA with one customer, unless you are a very important customer. The ISP would have to have their lawyers review and approve such an agreement, which would be costly for them.

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