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Service Pack 2 (XP Experience)

By cicle_98 ·
Just some thoughts on the subject...
About three days ago I slipstream a bootable copy
my of original XP install cd that has SP1 intergrated on it. I left my original XP SP1 os intact and just did an over install. Well , after it was all sad and done everything seemed to work except my internet connection. I never cared for the build in XP firewall so I use ZoneAlarm (I hadn't did a update on ZA before the install ?) I had heard pepole having trouble with their systems after the SP2 update and I had waited in doing so myself, but thought well let's see what happens, I had also heard of pepole having a good exerience too.
I guess if I have a question here it would be :
Would a clean install of XP SP2 be better than a overinstall.
One other thing I really don't care for the security center that comes with SP2, I have other chooses...


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Clean is always better

by JamesRL In reply to Service Pack 2 (XP Experi ...

In an ideal world, the best thing to do would be to backup the data, format the drive and install it with XP SP2. Then reinstall your apps and restore your data.

But ideal takes time.

Before an overinstall or upgrade, I would take some steps to insure things are clean - check for spyware, viruses, make sure free space is available, back it up and defrag it. I learned the hard way that a little preparation is good insurance.


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Fresh installation always works best

by oysterio In reply to Clean is always better

I agree with James that clean is always better. The school where I was working ordered about 30 PCs with WinXP SP1 preinstalled.

After a few months, we decided to install SP2 in it. The moment it was installed, problem came in. The security update for WinXP was unable to recognise the Norton Antivirus that we were using. These irritating popups kept on coming onto the screen.

It took us a few days to finally decided to perform a clean installation and reinstall SP2 before anything else. And guess what?? It works. Everything is fine now.

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