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I am running Microsoft XP Pro SP2 with Norton AntiVirus and Spybot.

Whenever I shut down my computer for any reason, I find that my Security Center is disabled when I start up again. I believe I may have had a hacker, and possibly still do.

I run Spybot and I get a message regarding a registry change, which SpyBot deletes, but it always returns. The entry is as follows:

HKey_Local-Machine\System\Current Control Set\Services\wscsvc\Startl2w=2.

Can these two things be related and is there a way to keep my Security Center from being disabled.

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The registry change is most likely being

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Services/Security Center

Prevented from Occurring by Spy Bot as when it was originally setup there is a Registry Cleaner in it and it asks you once to accept a change and if you fail to accept a change or are too slow to respond Spy Bot will default to Not Accept any Change for that item ever again.

You can remove Spy Bot and install a latter version if there is one and run the full setup procedure again and stay on top of accepting Registry Changes. This will most likely fix your current problem.


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