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Services.exe creating problems !!!!

By kgs_03 ·

I have two OS on my system. One is Win2k and the other is Win2k Server. I have noticed that after I start my system.... If I go to My Computer and right Click on any of the drives takes me 20-25 seconds after which it gives me the menu items.

This is also happening for CD-Rom drive too. I insert any CD and if have to explore it. I go to My computer and right click on the Cd-Rom drive. It takes 20-25 seconds only after which it gives me the options for that drive. Then after this if I immediately right again, it works well OK.

I have Sygate Personal firewall installed on my system.I have noticed in this firewall that during the time when I right click on any drives and when it is thinking. There is this application called "services.exe" which is continuously trying to braodcast a network packet (outbound) through the LAN connection.

This is happening very frequently. However, I have also checked my other operating system viz win2k serevr. And that has absolutely got no problems when I right click on any object.

I have tried logging in as adminstrator and also as some other user...everywhere it is the same.

But one thing here is If I get connected to internet (I have to put id and password to get connected to internet). then I ahve no issues at all. It starts working fine.

Could anybody please help me here.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Services.exe creating ...

You probably have some third party software or some spyware that is interfering with Explorer.
Use Antispyware program to search and remove them.

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by curlergirl In reply to Services.exe creating ...

Services.exe (if that is what is causing the problem) can be one of two things - either spyware/adware or a program that is used by your equipment manufacturer for remote support. I believe either HP or Dell, or both, use a process called services.exe that is pre-installed on all of their machines. If so, you probably don't want to remove it. If you run an adware/spyware detection program, like AdAware or Spybot, and it identifies this program as spyware, you might want to check with your equipment mfr. before removing it.

Hope this helps!

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