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services.msc - How does it work?

By roxforums ·
We all know what services.msc is and what it does. I was wondering if anyone could give me more insight into how it works. I am interested in questions such as, if there are multiple user accounts on Windows XP box, will each account have a different set of services on their services.msc?

Imagine a situation where a certain software is used on a machine sometimes. The software must be loaded at startup and slows down the system terribly. Is it possible to restrict the loading of that software during startup in such a way that it is only loaded on a particular user account and not on every user account there is?

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Yes...and No...!

by BlitzSonik In reply to services.msc - How does i ...

Windows services run under a single user account context no matter who is logged in (if anybody). This allows services to run under a higher priviledge account than the user has and also allows the servie to run without anyone logged in.

For the situation you explained---If the service does not need to run while no one is logged in to the machine---then I would set the service to manual statup. Then create a batch file that starts the service and place that batch file in the statup section of the users' profile that you want to run the software.

For instance:

You want the service to start whenever the user TEST logs in:

Create a batch file with "net start servicename" (replace servicename with the name of your service) as its only content and place that batch file under "C:\Documents and Settings\TEST\Start Menu\Programs\Startup".

Now when that user logs in, the service will be started. It will not start when other users log in. The only caveat is that the service will remain running, even after logout, until the user manually stops it or the system is rebooted. There are ways to further automate this but it requires a more lengthy explanation.

Hope this solves your issue.


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Group Policies can also control what services run and who can control them

by Why Me Worry? In reply to services.msc - How does i ...

Do some reading on Group Policies, as they are very powerful tools to locking down machines and restricting the running of services.

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by stephen_raj In reply to services.msc - How does i ...

services.msc is an extension locate the services running on a computer : the one which runs at the background and is responsible for each and every program or application which we use on a computer.

for any program or application to work perfectly it's service should be enabled. for example: print spooler service should be enabled only then we will be able to print.

The answer: If you download a software and enable it as a startup program it is not possible to restrict at the other user account because start up program is not user dependent. For example: Antivirus, if you install antivirus to a computer and irrespective of the user accounts you have the antivirus will be enabled to all the accounts. If you are really concerned about the system slow make sure to clean up the temp and prefetch files we can use windows cleanup software to clean the computer twice in a week for better performance.

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