services.msc - messenger services in windows xp

By spatel ·

I tried to start messenger services and set it to "Automatic", but it changes itself to "Manual" and stops the services automatically. Any idea why it's stopping messenger services?


Right click on Messenger and go to properties.
Start up type: I changed it to automatic
service status: I started.

But as soon as I hit "OK" or "Apply", it changes startup type to "Manual" and service status to "stopping"/"stopped"

Please help and advise why I'm not able to keep messenger service running all the time?

Thank you


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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to services.msc - messenger ...

If this is a domain computer chances are it's set to manual through a Group policy setting (under Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security settings - System services)

This is pretty common, the messeger service is a horrible security hole and I would only enable it if you absolutly have to.

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The reason it's disables is to stop annoying winpop messages

by ManiacMan In reply to GPO

As some users may be aware of how to use the net send command and use it as a cheap way of instant messaging others on the network. I agree that it should be disabled unless there is a specific reason to have it enabled, like on a monitoring workstation for SNMP and the likes.

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by spatel In reply to The reason it's disables ...

Thanks for reply. The only reason I want to enable it so when Internet service goes down in our office, I can send message to entire company using net send from windows command line. this way I don't have to call everyone in office to inform that Internet is down and I'm working on it.

I know there are freeware software available that will allow me to send message using GUI version application, but I don't want to install that on all PC in my office.

I'm the only person in IT dept so i'll be the only person sending this message using net send.

I was able to turn on messenger services on most PCs but having trouble on some PC.
All pc in office has windows xp pro SP2.

There is no group policy set on any PC.

For some PC, when I tried to start service and set it to automatic, it automatically changes to manual and stops the service in few seconds.

What do i do to keep messenger service running? What is causing messenger service to stop automatically?



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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Thanks

To see what might be causing the issue you're seeing I would recommend carefully checking the system log in Event Viewer. Look for warnings and errors from the Service Control manager. These entries might give you a clue as to the source of the problem. Feel free to post examples of the errors if you want us to help analyze them.

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by spatel In reply to GPO

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