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Set a wireless connection between 2 buildings

By lamiouse ·
A department in my company will be relocating to a new premises. How can I set a secure wireless connection between the 2 buildings without going through leased lines.

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Cisco Wireless Bridge

by ccthompson In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

IF your move is going to be in sight of your current building. You can get some cisco wireless bridges and you will be set.

Hope this helps!

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XO LMDS Solutions

by steve.reid In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

XO Wireless is the largest license holder of LMDS spectrum in the United States. We supply carrier class wireless connectivity in point to point or point to multipoint applications. If you have line of sight between your buildings, XO Wireless has a solution for you. Please feel free to contact me (Steve Reid) via e-mail and we can discuss our solution set in more detail.

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Get the aerial right

by peter.cousins In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

Select the correct aerial ? the correct one will minimise spread, thus maximising security, and control range.

Select the correct manufacturer ? the default is probably Cisco, for not only are their offerings significant but the security options are large ? although these features do come at a cost.

Connection in the copper should be by VLAN, using VLAN security, which should include MAC address checking.

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Several Options

by DPSkiman In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

If you're within 3 miles, consider the CanoBeam, infrared system will give you 100MB secure.

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Senao CB3 2611 plus + semiparabolic antenna

by thanetadmin In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

Senao CB3 2611 plus with directional semi parabolic antenna will be a good choice (encrytion / hide SSID enabled ).Please connect two both sides of your LAN with one side as an access point and other as bridge .

Hope this will be cheaper solution for connecting two buidlings .


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SSID Hiding

by jcdyson In reply to Senao CB3 2611 plus + s ...

Hiding your SSID will not make your network any more secure than using a dictionary word as a password. The SSID is sent in txt when a client associates to the AP. Unfortunately companies who sell AP's with SSID hiding as a feature bump up the price because they are trying to prey on those who are naive when it comes to securing an AP. Yes stopping the broadcast of SSID will render beacon frame monitoring usless however it is still available in the Association Messages. This is part of the 802.11 standard and therefore hiding the SSID is as effective as hiding your key under your mat.
I know this is a given don't forget to modify the Username and Password on the AP.
I do agree with the 1 side AP and the other bridge. As for technology your best to do your research on each product and determine which product bests fits your organisations need. I do however recommend cisco product as it is obviously one of (if not the) best on the market even though the budget may require modification to purchase it.

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HP & Others

by jj2000 In reply to Set a wireless connection ...

You may already have this solved, but there are other vendors besides Cisco that offer (less expensive) solutions for secure wireless bridging.

HP Procurve has a few APs, namely the new 530, that can be set to secure bridging mode. In bridging, you set the two APs to only connect to each other in that capacity and it locks down for other traffic (without all the other hassles).

Carolina Advanced Digital

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