set association

By jwashington ·
how do I get my email attachment open. I keep getting messages of no set association.

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What is the extension

by IC-IT In reply to set association

of the attached file?
Do you have a program installed that reads that type of file?
Save it to your desktop and try an open with.
Or you may need to install the correct application.

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fil ext.

by jwashington In reply to What is the extension

I have Powerpoint 2007. Is this the program I need and it is on my desktop. i

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program ext TO OPEN FILE

by jwashington In reply to What is the extension


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set associate

by jwashington In reply to set association

PPS/jpg/are the ones I remember.

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What kind of computer? What OS?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to set association

Is this on a Windows machine or a MAC or Linux or what?

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And what email client?

by seanferd In reply to What kind of computer? W ...

Since you may be able to choose default apps independently from the Windows default apps.

jpeg - you need a program that opens jpeg images. You probably do.

pps - PowerPoint Slideshow. You need MS Office PowerPoint, or the PowerPoint Viewer (which you can download free from MS).

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program for JPEg

by jwashington In reply to And what email client?

I have powerpoint 2007 it on my desktop and it still want open and media player. What is the program I need for JPG to get it to open email attachment.

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Don't know what it's called in Vista

by seanferd In reply to program for JPEg

but Windows always has a Picture Viewer. Internet Explorer will open jpeg and other picture types. This will open all sorts of image files, including jpeg.

I highly suggest copying or detaching the attachments to the desktop or another folder, then try to open them. The filetypes should already be associated.

Are you saying that you cannot start the Powerpoint and Media Player programs? Can you open them from the Start menu? Do they work other than the problem with email attachments?

We would still like to know what you are using for an email client.

How to check or set file associations in Vista:

See if the PPS and JPEG types are there, and have programs associated to open them. PPS should be set to open with Powerpoint. Jpeg should be set to open with an image viewer - it seems in Vista this would be WindowsPhotoGallery.exe

C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Gallery\WindowsPhotoGallery.exe"

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computer type

by jwashington In reply to What kind of computer? W ...

Windows Vista 2007

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