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Set Me Free

By mkalhaj ·
There are debates being held on and off line, aiming at determining which mobile device and which operating system are the best ever. Early in almost any discussion, you find participants comparing the Galaxy Note 3 with iOS 8.

Everyone is just mixing apples with oranges in these debates, and I blame the corporations for that. Operating systems are not devices! At least, they shouldn't be.

Please allow me to state the obvious; when I see a Samsung, I see two distinctive things; the device hardware itself, which I have never found to my preference, and then there is the Android OS, which in my opinion is not really the operating system for professionals, it is not very secure, and you are stuck with all the mandatory Samsung apps that you cannot remove. The same goes for an iPhone, Robust H/W, which may be lacking on camera and some other hardware features, but otherwise very well built. And then there is the iOS; very secure, but not business oriented, and so restrictive that it is just frustrating.

According to the statistics, more than 89% of desktop and laptop operating systems globally are some version of Microsoft Windows, yet Windows mobile only claims 2.83% of the global mobile market share. The mobile device global market is controlled by Android at 47%, and iOS at almost 44%.

Like the 89% of users on the planet, I use Windows OS on my desktop. And let me tell you; what I would love to have more than anything, is the same operating system on all my devices.
Have I ever, or will I ever buy a Windows tablet or phone? Not likely, I don't like their devices. I also don’t like the fact that they insist on having slimmed-down versions of Windows for their devices.

Anyone who has ever had any sort of rudimentary sales training or experience knows that a customer will buy a product because they want it, and a service because they need it. Stick to the basics guys, let me buy what I want!

Currently, I have an Xperia Z1 compact. The only thing this device needs to become perfect in every way is Windows 8.1 for an OS! I can't have that. Microsoft won't let me, because “it’s not Intel-based architecture”.

I wish corporations would allow absolute user freedom in selecting the device, and then selecting the OS to go with it, if this is ever attempted; I firmly believe that Microsoft will become the undisputed world leader for ages to come. But a few numb-skulls at Microsoft had a better idea.. They went and acquired Nokia!

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Well as the Free Market people would say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Set Me Free

If there was a demand for something like you are asking for the Market would provide it.

If the Market doesn't provide it then there can not be a demand for it. However I should point out that a customer who has a Windows Mobile and Windows Lap Top loves Windows 8 on their Mobile and simply can not use Windows 8 on their Laptop. They are constantly complaining that they Hate Windows 8 while all the time ex-toling the virtues of Windows on their Mobile Device.

What I think you want is the power of a Notebook in the Hand Held Mobile Platform which technically simply doesn't exist. Microsoft with very good reason doesn't use Windows 8 to support ARM CPU's because they are not powerful enough to run the Full Version of Windows. They simply lack the power and resources to do what a i7 CPU and 24 GIG of RAM can do on a device with 3 Terabytes of Storage on a single core ARM with limited memory and 16 GIG of Nonvolatile Storage.

As things currently stand all current mobile devices are much more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon in 1969 and can be held in the palm of your hand. The hardware that was used to control the Moon Missions took up entire buildings sucked power like there was no tomorrow so much so that they needed their own Power Generation Plants to keep them running and you want something much more powerful to be portable and have a long battery life so it simply can not run the Code Wasteful Windows OS that was designed for a different set of hardware.

Back in the day that Man Went tot he Moon the Mainframe that was used for that could only run software developed on the same model Main Frame. If you bought a different brand/model of Computer you needed to develop the same software all over again. This was part of the reason why when companies had a working system they fought like hell to keep it working and not upgrade at every opportunity. The cost of the Hardware was the small Part the cost and wasted time of the Developers who ran the hardware was a massive cost that simply could not be accepted by anyone including Government Agencies.

This is probably why cars designed to be used in F1 are not sold for Road Use as they simply would never work as the customer wants. It's also the reason why cars designed as daily drivers are never used in F1 as while they are both cars they are designed for very different ends.

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