Set Static IP using netsh command?

By sunpraveen ·
Suppose, I want to setup static ip for my computer (because my ISP uses static IP), then can I use the netsh command? If so how?




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by neilb@uk In reply to Set Static IP using netsh ...

netsh interface ip set address name="LAN" static

This will add the static address with a Class C subnet mask and a default gateway of to the interface called "LAN".

God bless the Command Line. You can break a system so much more quickly than with the GUI!


Seriously! Take care.

netsh ?
netsh interface ?
netsh interface ip ? and so on until you get to
netsh interface ip add address ?

The last one will show you how.

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by sunpraveen In reply to Carefully!

Thanks for your suggestions! greatly appreciate it!

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