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SET TZ= environmental parameter

By dug61 ·
part 1:
I have a Windows Server 2000 that is running software that cannot allow automatic time changes due to daylight savings time. Part of the application is using Oracle 8i to archive data.

part 2:
I have another machine running Windows Server 2003, but is allowed to automatically adjust for DST. The application on this machine is also running data archive software.

Machine #2 polls data from machine #1, which during a few months out of the year the data time stamps are in synch. During DST though there is an hour difference.Both machines archiving time stamps are using UTC. So #1 machine is Central Daylight Time w/o UTC bias, and machine #2 is UTC w bias. The tech support guys for machine #2 had me add the SET TZ= parameter to the autoexec.bat file on machine #1.

Now my question:
How does the SET =TZ parameter work? To the clock on the desktop it appears transparent. But what about the Oracle logs on machine #1. Since the time stamp is based off of the system clock (UTC)is there a bias added there that cannot be seen?

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