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I apologize, I had to switch from a three day work week to a five day work week; I'll do Thursday if I can get to a computer, otherwise it is Saturday, sorry.

Computer Process is now decided upon: and maybe set into the computer at this time. A computer process is most times what is already in the computer operation (Next weeks!) that you will be use-ing in your computer. The computer process tells the computer how to put things together and the rules for which they are applied to the computer operation. This is of superior importance in companies that mix different levels of computer functions with machine functions/operators and/or computer operations with computer functions as if they were the same thing; this is coupled with, normally, stuff that is also computers, but instead are nothing fancier than counters or intricate calculaters as some of the computer looking things on machine tools and factory equipment.. - truth is this can get real ugly and intricate as Tudor Brocade Lace, I use a contract til its wore out and then get out the copies I made of it in front of Gawd or someone else of importance, you know really important people!

Enta Wanabi

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