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Set up FTP, WAN and VPN over ADSL Conn

By sindosby ·
Hello there,
I have 2 computers running Windows XP separate in the different area. Both have internet connections over ADSL router with no static IP.
My questions are:
1. how to set up FTP server on one of my computer ?
2. how to set up WAN between these two computers ?
3. how to set up VPN connection between these computers ?
My problem is that my adsl connections don't have public IP, I've scanned my Public IP address, there is public IP, but I can't use it to be my computer IP...
I need someone assist me to configure my routers and my computers to set up those connections....


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by deus In reply to Set up FTP, WAN and VPN o ...

Inorder to set up the FTP server on windows 2000,

I believe the WAN will come with the help of your ISPs. They should do the routing for their network cloud.

You need a public IP to work with VPN. I have not tried out that one though i wld love to. I will pass around to check what solution is provided.
Good luck.

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by Hopi In reply to Set up FTP, WAN and VPN o ...

To access the remote PC you can use internet dynamic dnsproviders like og You choose your DNS ( or something), then you install a small agent on the PC and each time the ip change it updates the DNS at your provider. Then you alway will have access to the other computer through it's internet alias.

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by CG IT In reply to Set up FTP, WAN and VPN o ...

for test purposes, obtain 2 adsl routers that have VPN Endpoint such as a Linksys or Netgear where the WAN port is ethernet. Set a static IP address in the same subnet for both WAN ports on both routers. hook em up together with Cat 5 on the WAN ports. Hook up workstations. Configure both routers as VPN EndPoints. Configure IPSec. Create a FTP server on one of the workstations. Now you have created a network between both routers and have workstations behind both routers. Once you configure both routers, you can: a) test workstation VPN between the routers, test FTP between the server workstation and the client workstation. you can reverse the roles to test a different way.

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by sindosby In reply to Set up FTP, WAN and VPN o ...

Well, thank's for your answers,
I'm using to solve the dynamic IP address problem...
I'll contact my ISP to consult about WAN configuration, but if you have experience about configuring WAN without changing ISP default setting (at the ISP's Central Office), please share with me...
But, now I have one little problem, how to do port forwarding in my router in order to set up FTP Server? (I'm using FTP server Software)
my ADSL router configuration :

Downstream / Upstream (Kbps) 518/70
Internet Connected
Connected Time 8hr 47min 21sec
Connection Type PPPoE

IP Address
Default Gateway
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

Router Information
System Uptime 8 hours 49 minutes
Model AT-AR256E
Serial Number none
Firmware Version 63.12.1
Ethernet MAC address 00:30:0A:43:53:1F
DSL MAC address 00:30:0A:43:53:20
NAT Enabled
Firewall Enabled

Local Network
LAN IP Address
DHCP Enabled
DHCP Range -
Ethernet Connected

my ADSL Router is Allied Telesyn AT-AR256E
My Computer's LAN IP address is


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by CG IT In reply to Set up FTP, WAN and VPN o ...

port forwarding requires the computer you want to receive traffic to be listed for the port you are going to forward e.g. FTP ports TCP/IP 20/21 forwarded to workstation IP

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