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Set up/install MSDE to work on a network

By Bob Sellman ·
MSDE (supplied with Access 2000) comes with no instructions for set up and use on a client/server application environment. How should it be installed so the database engine runs on the server, but is called by various client workstations? How is theinstallation performed at the workstations. (I am working with a Netware server envirnoment.)

Note that I already have used the MSDE installation on a single computer. It's getting the operation over to a network server and working for clients that I need to learn about.

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Set up/install MSDE to work on a network

by mcorr In reply to Set up/install MSDE to wo ...

Basically the Access environment for shared databases works like this: the front end (client) sits on each workstation and contains the forms, queries, modules, and macros; while the database sits on a server and contains only the data.

The workflow you are looking for is:
1. Develop database in traditional single-file format.
2. When ready for release, copy database to another directory.
3. Open copy, and go to Tools->Database Utilities->Database Splitter. Give it a name for the backend of your database (usually name_be.mdb). Note that the front end is usually much larger initially.
4. Move the back end (name_be.mdb) to the server location.
5. Copy the front end (the name.mdb file) to each client.
6. On each client, make sure the tables are linked to the server database. Go to Tools->Database Utilities->Linked Table Manager, and make sure the backend is correctly mapped.

Hope this helps,

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Set up/install MSDE to work on a network

by Bob Sellman In reply to Set up/install MSDE to wo ...

My question is how to set up and install the MSDE engine on a server and set up workstations to use it on the server. You are describing a way of using regular Access (2.0/97/2000), although I have always preferred to put the application on the server so that it can be upgraded more easily.

I am withdrawing this question because no one seems to have relevant experience to answer it and also because I am finding that Access 2000 Project (the application front end when using MSDE) lacks many useful development features contained in regular Access (column descriptions, build dialog boxes, etc.) and development of the application I had targeted to use MSDE would be delayed too long.

Thanks for your interest.

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