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Set up internet sharing on 2000 pro

By tom ·
How do I know the addresses ect to be filled in at the network card tpc/ip properties on my internet server. I can connect to the internet through my first card, but forgot my settings for the second net card after a crash and now can't get back up. All of the settings are still ok on my work stations, but on the 2000 pro computer I use as an internet share server I am dead in the water.

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Set up internet sharing on 2000 pro

by eBob In reply to Set up internet sharing o ...

Go to one of your workstations and look at the TCP/IP configuration.

The "default gateway" will be the IP address of your "inside" NIC of your server. The subnet mask on the wkstn should be used on th server's inside NIC as well. The default gateway for your server's inside NIC should be the IP address of your "outside" (Internet-connected) NIC.

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Set up internet sharing on 2000 pro

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Set up internet sharing o ...

I do not understand nic. OK I am a bit stupid, but I did set it up one time on my own, but I am getting older, things do not seem to stay in there as long. Allow me to tell you what I have on my workstation that has worked and has not been changed.

IP address the 108 is my created workstation number. It is #8 so I made it 108

Subnet mask was auto

Gateway default This is the same on all workstations and what was placed in the on the shared net card under share, settings,FTP server, edit. it says address of server

Preferred DNS server
Alt DNS server

All of that worked in the past so I assume that is not my problem.

I can go out on to the net via my net card on the internet server called Armstrong internet. So that works.

The problem is with the second card on the internet server named Internal internet. I do not know what numbers to put where.

IP address?
Subnet Mask?
Default Gateway?

Preferred DNS server?
Alt DNS server?

As a added help to you so you can help me I ran ipconfig.

The Armstrong net card

Connection specific DNS suffix =

IP Add =
Subnet =
Default Gateway =

The internal internet net card.

I know that these settings are wrong and are what I need to figure out.

DNS Suf = This is blank
IP address =
Subnet =
default Gateway =

I hope all of this is enough to figure this out, if not contact me 724-538-3171 collect if that is allowed. We are a small non-profit and this loss is killing us.

Tom Rutkoski,
worst of all administrators

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