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Set up ISP

By maalderink ·
I am going to start an ISP business and need some help. I have a server i am building (i've been building for years so i know what it needs) but i am not sure how to connect the phone lines coming to my building that people use to dial into my service to my computer. Some where i read that i should use us robotics modems but which ones? how do they need to connect? How many/what type of phone lines do i need for this application?

I have a 416kbps DSL line going to install at end of january, or earlier. I plan on doing about 30 or so people for the first few months, i have half that ready to come to my service.

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Mike Aalderink

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Set up ISP

by Joseph Moore In reply to Set up ISP

You will need to make sure that the phone lines coming into your office are running through a digital PBX at the phone company, if you want to get the 56K connectivity for your customers. The special V.90 modem protocols that are on the modern 56K modems only can reach 56K speeds (well, in the US 53K is the practical limit on connectivity speeds as dictated by the FCC) only work when the signals go through digital equipment. If you plug a 56K modem into one normal phone line, and dial out with another 56K modem on another normal phone line, when the modems connect and handshake, the best speed you will see is around 33K.
You need that digital infrastructure for the v.90 to work.
So, make sure that your telco knows what you are doing here. They are all experienced enough by now to know what you need and what the need to do.

I ran into this problem setting up a dialin phonebank, so that is why I am warning you on this: The company had their own internal PBX that all phone lines went through, and it wasn't digital, so no 56K speeds. :-(

But other then that, modems are pretty much the same nowadays. Don't get cheak 56K faxmodems; go for good Sportster modems, IMHO.

hope this helps

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Set up ISP

by PaulP In reply to Set up ISP

In the olden days before the internet was what it is today, there were computer BBS's. They were set up kind of like you described except there was no internet connection. You could only access the servces on the computer you dialed into. A popular method for attaching multiple phone lines to the server was via DIGI products. They still manufacture these types of products.
It seemed whenever people people spoke their name, it was with great reverence. I don't know if this is the best way to go these days, but is a link:

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Set up ISP

by maalderink In reply to Set up ISP

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by wlbowers In reply to Set up ISP

If you are serious about this don't make some of the killer mistakes.

You have a couple of options on the service connections. What ever you do bring everything into your facility on t1 or bri.

Several manufacturers make a rack combination that allows multiple autosensing modules to be combined with high speed ethernet.

The analog, digital, dsl and isdn come in on the t1 or bri interface from the telco and the modules break it out and ethernet it into your system. Connection management is software based so you don't go running around looking at lights on 30 modems.


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This company has some good info on what you are trying to do.


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Several companies make the equipment.

Good Luck Lee

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