Set up new server for new office

By steveb ·
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to find out the best way to configure my new server. We have a new office to set up for in our MPLS network. The router is all set up but I want to set up our new server for the office. It is running Windows 2003 Server. I have DHCP on it and have it pointing back here for DNS and WINS. This is the first time we've had to set up a new server in a new location. Anything else I should be configuring? Is this the minimum I would need to get the office up and running?

Thanks for any help.

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It all depends

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Set up new server for new ...

It's kind of hard to give any useful advice without knowing what exact roles the server is meant for. You should follow Microsoft's best practices for hardening the OS (easily found on Microsoft's website), apart from that it depends on the role. Is it going to be a domain controller? A file server? An application server with IIS enabled? Once we know more details, we can give more advice.

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I agree with Kjell...

by f.ware In reply to It all depends

Adding to Kjell's reply, how many users do you have?, what are there user rights? What are your future growth plans? (Network and business)Research Microsoft website for recommendation for your business type using Windows Server 2003. With more information we can guide you closer to your desired IT needs.

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by steveb In reply to I agree with Kjell...

Thanks for the replies.

In this office we have 3 users that will be expanded up to 10. Its main use is to connect the office to our main HQ where our application servers along with most of our resources. It will have some storage and printer sharing but thats all it will be mainly: A DHCP server that will allow them to connect to our HQ main office. Does that help?


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Not sure DHCP really is required

by CG IT In reply to Setup

to allow users to connect to the main office.

Could be wrong though.

If all your server is going to be providing is file storage and printer sharing, with 3 to 10 users, then all you really need to worry about is how users will connect to the HQ site.

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RE: Setup

by f.ware In reply to Setup

You should have a fairly easy setup for this remote office. I would leave the DHCP 'on' because it will let the server handle the IP addressing and routing, minimizing admin work. Also, I would not be concern with the CAL - assuming you select "per server" during setup, you will have no problems now or when you expand your user base. After you setup the server and have it connected to your HQ, it will need little tweeking out of the box. Server 2003 also has a neat setup reminder just in case you want to make changes later. Other than that, I would recommend your hardware be able to expand as your needs increase. Good Luck!!

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by steveb In reply to RE: Setup

Thanks for all the replies. It's been very insightful. I was just making sure there isn't anything I missed. It seemed too simple to just have DHCP and thats all I need to have it connect to our network but you have quelled my fears.

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Server set up

by Dumphrey In reply to Setup

As for connecting to your network, dhcp will not help there. though it will simplify local management as you grow. Are you going to use a dedicated t1 (or fractional) to connect the sites? or are you going to set up a permanent vpn between router/firewalls? You may already have this covered and Im just wasting white space =) Also you will want to check that you set global catalog on the server if its not to be a DC to speed up log in and authentication.

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RE:Server Set up

by steveb In reply to Server set up

We have it connected to our MPLS network with a fractional T1 I believe. That has already been set up. As of right now, we are using Active Directory in a mixed environment and wouldn't want to make these DCs until we've upgraded all our servers. How would we set up the global catalog?


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Global cataloge

by Dumphrey In reply to Server set up

is set in AD Sites and Services. If you are all in one domain, it will be on the connection properties for the new server.
This covers it pretty well.
Though that assumes the new server will be a DC...which I think you said it would not be...
In which case you should be all good as is.

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setup a server

by Arlo4 In reply to It all depends

why can you just tell him how to set up a bloody Server he doesnt need all your questions that is not important He just want to know how to setup a home-office server so every one can pick from the Bloody Server that is not that hard to understand?

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