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Seting up WLAN

By mrmadm21 ·
My company is in the process relocating,and I wld like to setup WLAN, as am not that familiar with it,need advice on how to proceed,
I'm planning to have the backbone to be wired,
the client nodes to be wireless ,
Am planning to connect 30 Nodes,
can anyone tell me how many access points I need?.
The office layout is one big room measuring 40M*20M.
and is there any good websits I can refer for more indepth info.
thanx in advance

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Seting up WLAN

afaik, you could do it with one access point as long as everybody could 'see' it.
check out for step by step instructions

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by mrmadm21 In reply to

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by LMon In reply to Seting up WLAN

What you need to do is a sight survey. Take a router and take a laptop with wireless cabalities with you. connect the router and then configure the wireless card to the router. When you make a connection walk around see your weeks points you can then estimate how many access points you need.

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by dplewis In reply to Seting up WLAN

Site survey is defintely required - I suggest however that one Access Point is unlikely to be enough. WLAN is a shared medium (a bit like an ethernet hub). Also, you can only expect roughly 50% real throughput compared to the speed of the WLAN - i.e 802.11b (11 Mb/S) gives roughly 5.5 Mb/S SHARED BETWEEN ALL CLIENTS on the channel (3 separate channels).
The same rules apply to 802.11G (it's on the same 2.4GHz spectrum) - although that allows up to 54 Mb/S - but over reduced distance.
802.11A allows up to 8 channels (at 5 GHZ), again at 54 Mb/S.
I would guess two APs would be right, with diversity omni-directional antennas, with them operating on different channels. Decent kit will allow best AP selection on a client basis, together with roaming.

Note also that laws governing WLAN use vary fom country to country.

Hope this helps,

CCDA, CSE, WLAN Design/Sales Specialist

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