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    Setting a PC as a “Server”?


    by benyben ·

    Hello all.

    I am not very sophisticated when it comes to computers, so please be easy on me (-:

    Issue: I have an office with 4 “stations” (4 clerks with 4 pc’s).
    They all work on a program that is essential to the company. Each change in this program’s database needs to be synced to all other stations.
    For example: if one clerk punch in the new information of a client, than the other clerk must have access to this information as well – and instantly.
    This is done by the fact that each change in the clerks’ side, is being saved on the MAIN/SERVER pc.
    Therefore, data is being accessible to all users.

    This is the only program that we use that does this.

    My question:
    Can I use a medium-priced PC (that is, not a SERVER) in order to perform this task?

    That is, can this be performed by a “regular” pc? I currently have a spare E7300 (i think that’s the processor name) – duel core Intel, with 2 gig ram. I was wondering if this PC can perform the job?
    On that matter: is processing ppwer even an issue, or we are talking about a task that is so easy that ANY PC (for example, an old Celeron) will do?

    I am assuming that ALL other issues are easily resolved (for example, the ability to share one printer with all stations, the ability to access the internet from this main computer and so on) – but if I am wrong about this, and there is something I am not considering, please let me know.

    I would appreciate ANY advice and any help. But please limit the terminology so I can understand you (-:



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      What is the program that is essential to the company?

      by the ‘g-man.’ ·

      In reply to Setting a PC as a “Server”?

      It may help the discussion.

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        Shadow Insure

        by benyben ·

        In reply to What is the program that is essential to the company?

        I thought of mentioning this, but I am not sure it’s familiar at all.

        The name of the software is INSURE by a company named SHADOW. It’s built for insurance agencies and meant to supply them with a continuously updated database of clients that they assign (one clerk puts the info of a client, and all can see it – have access to it that is).


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          Don’t know it

          by the ‘g-man.’ ·

          In reply to Shadow Insure

          as such I would suggest asking Shadow about this for fear or messing your database.

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      Normal PC

      by ameack ·

      In reply to Setting a PC as a “Server”?

      I think with just 4 users it should be fine to use a normal PC
      Make sure you are using Core 2 Duo but nowadays you might get a Quad processor in a normal PC. Also do make sure there is adequate RAM for all the user.
      Do also keep some space for future expansion.
      The most important thing DATA make sure you have backup copy of your data all the time.
      Do not over-clog your PC with Mirroring but if you are using a Quad core it should be fine.

      Hope this helps you

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      pc as server

      by scubad0 ·

      In reply to Setting a PC as a “Server”?

      You can use a pc as a simple server. Having said that, The pc should be of good brand and a mirror drive to save data. Small offices have been doing this for years. You can also get a fairly cheap server(Dell Power Edge)and use as a print server/data server, Be shure to enable file and print sharing microsoft 7 pro will let you set this up.

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