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    Setting e-mail filters on Exchange 5.5


    by tzuchara ·

    Does anyone know how to set up a filter on Exchange 5.5 to block .vbs attachments?

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      Setting e-mail filters on Exchange 5.5

      by clpadmin ·

      In reply to Setting e-mail filters on Exchange 5.5

      Filtering subject line and contents in Exchange 5.5 is not possible unless you install third party software. The best I have seen is from Nemx. Get it free at:

      What you want is the Power Tools for Exchange Server. After it is installed (you do not have to restart the server even though it asks you to), open up Exchange Administrator. You will find the “Nemx Power Tools for MS Exchange Server” object in the server object (i.e. under your server name object). Doubleclick to open up its properties and you can configure it. It’s pretty intuitive. Couple of notes:

      1) It only provides support for the IMC connector.

      2) If you get a “Ordinal 6663 was not found in the dynamic link library MFC42.DLL” when trying to start the Nemx Power Tools for Exchange Server service, look for the MFC42.DLL file in \winnt\system32 and rename it to MFC42.OLD. Reinstall the Nemx Power Tools.

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