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Setting modem speed

By tonydee ·
I'm sorry to say that I'm still on dial-up, but
that's what I have to live with for now as
broadband is not available at this time.
Additionally, my phone lines are not good. I
typicall connect at 28.8 from home. I bring this
Powerbook to my neighbor's place and can
connect at 49K. so I have to live with this also.

Here's the issue: It seems contradictory but
when this thing connects at 31.2K, it feels
slower on the Internet than when it connects at
28.8K. MAybe it has to do with sw
compression, I don't know, but it is real and

How can I limit the connect speed of the
modem to 28.8K?

PowerBook Firewire (Pismo)
OS 9.2.2
Mac Internal 56K modem

Thank you
- Tony D

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by dRb63 In reply to Setting modem speed

You may want to check the manufacturer of the modem and see if there's a firmware update for the modem.

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by TheChas In reply to Setting modem speed

Can't give you the exact step by step for a Mac.

What you need to do, is open up the properties dialog for your ISP connection.

There should be a connection speed setting.

Change the speed to 28,800

How far away is your neighbor?

Do they use the same phone company?

If the neighbor is close, and they use the same phone company, the line problem may be inside your house.

If possible, go to where the phone line enters the house.

If you can, disconnect the house wiring from the phone line, and plug in the modem there.

If you can now connect at the higher speed, you need to determine if a phone, phone cord, or the house wiring is the problem.

If the speed is still 28,800 you may want to complain to the phone company.
They may be able to repair your line so that you get a better connection.


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by tonydee In reply to

HI TheChas. The directions you gave are great for
Windows machines. I can't find the equavalent for this
Mac. You bring up the Modem control panel and the only
thing you can do is select the modem that you're using.

On the connection issue: my neignbor is 3 doors down,
about 600 feet. Once I found I could connect so quickly at
his place, I went to the basement and connected the
laptop directly to the phone company's demark point. No
change in connect speed. Problem is definatly in wires
from house to pole. I could call the phone company, but
I'm pretty sure they'll just tell me that the connection is fine
for voice which is all the guarantee.
Thanks again for the suggestion.
- Tony D

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Setting modem speed

You can access this through the 'Modem' control panel, either by
detailing the connection speed, or by selecting a script; the
latter is preferred. The scripts are AT commands in plain text
typically located in the 'Modem Scripts' folder in the 'Extensions'
folder. As an experiment, you can try selecting one of the older
Global Village scripts, or using one of them along with the Apple
modem script as a model for writing your own.

Good luck; I know how frustrating this can be. I still travel with a
28.8k PC card modem for when the local phone lines just won't
cooperate. You might want to have your local telco take a good
look at the wiring at your place as well.

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by wlbowers In reply to Setting modem speed

You need the Apple Modem Script Generator. They make it for os9 and osx.

You can set the limits there.




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