Setting router network key.

By glee49 ·
I have just started doing some on my company's networking issues. The compant has 4 locations, each in a different city. The owners travel from location to location at different times and would like to have wireless access without having to enter a different network key at each location. My question is this. If I give the router the same name and same network security at each location, will their laptop automatically log on to the network even though each router has a different IP address?

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It Should

by Sburk In reply to Setting router network ke ...

That should work fine for you. They may need to simply select the wireless network from the list of available networks but should be able to login with no problems. Also make sure that their MAC Address is added for MAC filtering. That is, if you have it enabled....which I highly recommend.

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Yes it will

by michael.dephillips In reply to Setting router network ke ...

I set up Wireless networks at each of our offices (each office has it's own IP address scheme). I set up the clients for DHCP using a small range of available IP addresses on the DHCP server. This works great because I only had to create one wireless network with one network key for the entire company. End users can roam from office to office and not have to make any changes on the computers.

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