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Setting Time in Windows XP

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Windows Time Service in XP Home Edition

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This is my first blog posting in TechRepublic. This one requiered attention since it try to shred light where or not technical writers made their assignment before writing something and make assurances.<br /><br />I was reading Chapter 6 of the Windows XP Cookbook written by Preston Gralla & Roble Allen, published by O'Reilley.<br /><br />After explaining how to set the time on a Domain-connected PC the authors discussed in page 162 that:<br /><br />"Only computers running Windows XP Professional can connect to <br />domains, so XP Professional has Windows Time service, while the <br />XP Home Edition does not. By default, the Windows Time service <br />runs automatically on Windows XP Professional computers."<br /><br />Far from true, the Windows Time Service do exist in Windows XP Home Edition. Just make the same excercise shown in the book and from the RUN box type SERVICES.MSC on a Windows XP Home Edition computer. Scroll to the end of the list and you will find sitting there the Windows Time Service running automatically as if your computer is connected to a domain.<br /><br />Summary: Windows XP Home EDition do have the Windows Time Service and is not connected to a Domain. <br /><br />To technical writers, please make your assignments before assuring something is true for an OS. You failed in something as simple as this, and you claim you are the experts. <br />

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