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Setting up 2 IP Address on windows 2000 Pro

By fahimsolkar ·
hi everyone,

My name is Fahim & I working as I.T Admin at reputed organisation. I have come across a very complicated but an interesting issue. The scenario is as follows:-

We have a setup where in IP address is allocated through QUIP DHCP server, as we all are aware DHCP allocates a dynamic IP address to every user. One of the users own a laptop which he uses to connect to the network & has a dynamic IP address assigned to him, when he goes back home he has Cable connection which has static IP. The problem we are facing is when he is in the office he has a dynamic IP but when he goes back home to connect with his cable, he has to change the IP address to the one provided by the cable ISP provider, same has been going on for a while..

My question is quite simple is it possible to have 2 seperate IP addresses, which can automatically switch as per his location i.e. when he is the office it picks up the dynamic IP & when he goes back home the IP should change to the static one. Few things which I have tried is creating 2 hardware profiles where I have configured 2 seperate IP addresses onto the 2 profiles...

I know this sound a bit complicated or might its a piece of cake for many wizz.. out there ... Hope i can get a quick & positive response u can write to me at

Thanks & Regards,

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RE: Setting up 2 IP addresses...

by b4real Contributor In reply to Setting up 2 IP Address o ...

First thing that comes to mind is a NETSH shortcut. NETSH is a Windows utility that can manage this topic. You'd have a "DHCP" shortcut and a "STATIC IP" shortcut.

Here's a TR article about it also:

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by djameson In reply to Setting up 2 IP Address o ...

I would upgrade to XP, it has a provision for just this problem, in the nic config you can set an alternate configuration so if the nic doesn't get an address from DHCP, it will default to its alternate configuration, this can cause some problems on a network that has a slow DHCP server or multiple ip helper networks, but if your DHCP is local it will work, Your other option and even easier then upgrading to xp is to buy a DSL/Cable router and set it up to serve DHCP at his home then there is no need to change settings, this also makes his laptop a ton more secure then being part of the "real world"

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Consider Netswitcher

by mmfrankin In reply to Setting up 2 IP Address o ...


I would consider using netswitcher as a solution. It is very easy to configure 2 or more ip addresses and you can switch between them on the fly.

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Multiple IP addresses

by jimp In reply to Setting up 2 IP Address o ...

I accomplish this by using a pcmcia adapter. I have more than just two location to be concerd with. Windows 2000 creates a new hardware component for each pcmia slot for each type of hardware used. Each pcmcia nic could have two different setups. This also works with wireless adapters, serial comm adapters, etc. each instance is treated as a diferent piece of hardware by windows.

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SOHO Router

by Choppit In reply to Setting up 2 IP Address o ...

Why not install a SOHO router at the users home? The router can then assign an IP via DHCP and there'll be no need for any configuration changes on the laptop. You don't say what firewall protection your user has installed so by doing this you'll have the added protection of a hardware firewall.

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This is the answer

by DMambo In reply to SOHO Router

I use my DHCP configured notebook running W2000 daily at home and at work wirelessly with no intervention. I would also recommend a software firewall on top of this for added protection.

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