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Setting up a basic ethernet

By capa ·
I have a PC (XT) system with an ethernet port. I recently purchased a laptop (XT) system with an ethernet port. When I bought the laptop, I asked what I needed to do to connect it to my PC. The salesman said all I needed was to connect a twisted ethernet cable and then run the network wizards on both systems. I have done that with no useful results. Each system says there is a network but they don't talk to each other. What am I missing?
Thanks, Carl

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by CG IT In reply to Setting up a basic ethern ...

you need a cross over cable for direct PC to PC communications. otherwise invest $25.00 for a 4 port ethernet switch. [but heck cross over cables are cheaper than a switch so]....

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Setting up a basic ethern ...

Depends on the type of LAN connection if it's a Gigabyte type you'll need to use a cheap Hub/Switch and conventional CAT5 type cables.

If you have a 10/100 T Base you can use a Crossover Cable but make sure you don't get a BLUE one as this is the color of the standard CAT Cables.

Now once you have the computers connected by whatever means run the Network Setup Wizard and when it asks you enable the File & Printer Sharing and also use the same Work group name on both computers. After you have finished on the first computer which should be the one connected to the Internet if used, you can just shut down the Network Setup Wizard as I'm taking it that your XT was a typo and should have read XP. You'll then need to run the Network Setup Wizard on the other computer again enabling File & Printer Sharing and the same work group name. The default "MSHOME" isn't a good idea if you have an Internet connection constantly connected as it way too easy to break into the network.

DO NOT attempt to setup a Domain as this will just not work you need a Work group here and you need to enable File & Printer Sharing and once you have that setup you'll need to share some HDD's/Folders/Files depending upon what it is that you wish to share. To do this right click on the HDD/Folder/File and chose Sharing and then select the options that you want.

Just a side note here I try to avoid sharing entire HDD's as the possibility of crashing Windows is Too Great so if you just stick to Sharing Folders/Files you'll be much safer.


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