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Setting up a branch office

By deerek11 ·
Hello all, I am configuring a new office that is has a server running win2k3 I have installed vpn server on the main office win2k3 server and from the branch location I setup the server to connect to the main server using a vpn connection then added that server to the domain (locally at the main branch) then I went back to the branch office and made the second server a domain controller and pointed it to the main server it worked but now none of the pc's at this location can see this domian controller ,,, also at both location I use the router as a dhcp server not the servers ... is this a dns issue or what??????? Should I change the subet at the branch office to use the unused address from the main office or? any help would be appreacited let me know if you need more info to assist

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by CG IT In reply to Setting up a branch offic ...

did you create the site for the branch offices in Active Directory Sites and Services? If not, create one.

Do you have DNS running on the branch office server? IF so, is the site a child domain or just a site?

Also, if you going to make the server at the branch office a DC, you might as well make it a Global Catalog server so that those at the branch office can log in locally and not over the WAN connection.


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by curlergirl In reply to Setting up a branch offic ...

In addition to what CG-IT said, you may be having some IP subnetting and/or DNS issues. Could you respond with a description of how each office is configured as to IP network and subnetting? Also, how is your VPN connection is established (i.e., router-to Windows server, router-to-router?), what settings are you using for DNS and gateway addresses, and how is DNS configured on each server (i.e., full copy fo the same zone, different zones with forwarding, stub zones, etc.)?

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