Setting Up a Cobalt RaQ 2

By beninjam ·
I am not the most experienced person when it comes to networks, but I have some basic knowledge.

Anyway, I recently came into pocession of a Cobalt RaQ (1U Web and E-Mail Server) running RaQ 2 software. I also got a free domain name from LCN around that time, so I figured I would try to host my website from home.

So I went ahead and configured port forwarding on my Router (BT Home Hub 1.0) for port 80 to go to the server, which has a static IP of I then set up DNS on the LCN nameservers to point to my IP adress.

However, whenever I browse to my IP or the domain, I automatically get redirected to raq2.localhost, which is the host and domain name of the RaQ 2 server on my internal network. However, browsing to shows the default website of the RaQ. I have asked around, and I seems I need someone with experience of the Cobalt series servers to help me out here. Any help would be much appreciated.

A few technical details on the RaQ. Its a MIPS processor running 2.0 kernel Linux, with no way of interacting with it, apart from a Serial port which can be used to see the advanced progress of booting up and I believe to interact with the command line. Other than that, there is no way of interacting with the box apart from the web interface. BlueOnyx is an updated version of the web interface compiled from the RaQ 550, which is a later, x86 based box, if you want to have a play.

Thanks in advance.

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