setting up a domain for 5 diffrent locations

By Cudmasters Los ·
i would like a recomendation for this scenerio.

i manage 4 buildings, soon to be 5.

building 1 has 40 computers
building 2 has 3 computers
building 3 has 2 computers
building 4 has 4 computers
and building 5 will have 20 computers

building 1 has a file server(Terastation)

building 5 is in the process of being built.

building 1 & 5 use host based software to work in. I would like to mostly work out of building 1. I was thinking if i set up a terminal server in building 1 for building 1 and a terminal server for building 5 in building 1 , and a terminal server for building 2,3,and 4 in building 1. And use 1 domain controller.

I have comcast cable internet for all of the buildings.

Am i doing this rigtht, do i need more dc's or more or less of?

How do i do this without bogging down the modem in building 1?

The reason for all of this is the theory that it will be easier to manage all of the building this way as opposed to not put a server in at all. Also to share files to building 1.

I have learned how to set up a server dc,ts,dns, etc through Train Signal, what computers do you recomend for the servers. Can the DC be like a Dell Optiplex 760, or 330, or do i have to have a server from the server location on the Dell Site?


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Slow your roll...

by scott_heath In reply to setting up a domain for 5 ...

I would say you really only need one physical DC, and if you have virtualization available to you a second. 2 is always good for redundancy, but since you suggest using a PC (my stomach rolled) as your domain controller I am guessing budget is a factor. If you are using Windows Server 2003 SBS then you have no choice, only one DC is allowed. Make sure you have good system state backups!!!! I recently worked on a server with a corrupt AD database and we had to end up doing a rebuild. If the customer had a system state backup the cost would have been one tenth what it ended up being.


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