setting up a headless ubuntu server with vnc

By calltc19830 ·
Does any one know where to find a good guide on how to set up a headless ubuntu server using VNC

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Ubuntu Documentation is available here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to setting up a headless ubu ...
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by calltc19830 In reply to Ubuntu Documentation is a ...

Thanks for the response I was hoping for a more specific guide for a headless install cause I am a noob but this does help a little

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Well because I'm lazy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks

I always connect up a Keyboard/Mouse and Monitor to any unit that I'll be running Headless and install and setup the OS as required.

Then when it's working as I want it to I just bung in back into it's rack without any of the unnecessary stuff plugged in and remote in. While you can technically remote in to finish off the install and configuration it's just much easier to do it all up front before placing the unit into it's finial position.

If this unit wasn't designed to run Headless make sure to enter the BIOS and disable the stop on any error though Set it to not stop.


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