Setting up a Home Network

By act1941 ·
I have two systems connected to a netgear router and each system is unable to view and/or use the other systems files. How do I set up each system in order to view all files on the network?

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A few things

by w2ktechman In reply to Setting up a Home Network

Set them up to use file and print sharing
make sure that they are in the same workgroup
have the same username as a user on both systems, or set permissions to specific folders for the differnt users.

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If none of this helps you out

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A few things

Peer Mail me and I'll see what I can do to help you.


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by Kiltie In reply to A few things

When sharing a whole drive or partition, you may need to specify a new share, the default share is (for example C$) is for administrative purposes, try adding a share name called C_PC1 (or whatever name you want) with whatever permissions you want to set.

Networking can be either dead easy to do, or a real PAIN in the proverbials!!!

In the early days, I remember trying to get my XP machine to see my 98 one. I tried all the resources tips and tricks I could find on the 'Net, tried the "Home Networking Wizard" that XP suggests, without any success.
Until one day, after about 3 months, I was browsing a lockergnome forum on this topic, when I spotted a throwaway comment at the end of a post to someone else's problem.

btw, you did turn off any anti virus first?"

I tried that and BINGO everything worked!!!

Typical, I suppose, something is so OBVIOUS that it is often left unmentioned, forgotten about.

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Setting up a Home Network

by act1941 In reply to Sharing

Tried the suggestions -- system now works and I can view both systems. Thanks to you all for your kind assistance.

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