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By DaveyJonesLocker ·
So we're moving into our new house and have a quick question on my setup.

I have the following:

Arris 1GB modem
TP Link Unmanaged Switch
Netgear R8000 Router
Two Netgear R7000 Routers (Set up as APs)

I currently have the modem -> R8000 Router (Basement Utility Room) -> Switch -> 2 R7000s as APs (1st and 2nd floors)

My question is, my R8000 router is in the basement, in my utility room. Am i better served using one of the R7000s as the main router, and using the R8000 upstairs where it can be used more as an AP utilizing its technology, or am i ok using the R8000 as it is, in the basement and loosing a good bit of its signal due to floors/walls/insulation etc...

Another way, do i want to use my R8000 as a router or use it upstairs to provide wifi signals... any thoughts would be appreciated...

what would you do?


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