Setting up a home network.

By s_furqan ·
heres what i want to do set up home network with a server. i have 2 labtops and 2 desktops, i want to install server 2003 on one of the desktop to make it server. right now all the computers are hook up to a router and have internet connection. how would i go abouts setting this up? thanks

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to Setting up a home network ...

on what your trying to accomplish and what type of network you want it to be, wireless or not. You don't necessarily need server software to have a basic home network (workgroup) with one computer acting as essentially the server. You can use XP in a workgroup situation since you only have four computers.

But assuming you don't want to do that... Basically, you would use one desktop computer as the server. Install the server OS on that computer. Hard wire that computer to your router and your router to your modem. Have it handle your internet connection. The other client computers can then be added to you by wireless or wire, depending on how you want to do it. That would require some more information.

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by s_furqan In reply to Depends

yeah thats what i have the network set up as right now using workgroups on xp but i wnt to set up a server for practice.the modem is hard wire to the router and the router to the desktom to be the server. i will have two desktops that hardwired and two labtops that will be wireless. so wen i install server 2003, then ad with DNS server, then set up dhcp server, after that the domain controler will that be the right way to go about doing things

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