Setting up a LAN Wireless Network using D-Link DI-524 Router

By cloudsevn ·
I have a PC and a Laptop at home. The PC has a 32bit Win XP on it, while the laptop has a 64bit Vista. So far I configured the router so I can connect with both computers to the internet. It works flawlessly, but since I'm new to networking I don't seem to find a way to share a partition with the two. I would like to share one of the partition on the PC with the laptop, and vice versa.

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What you didn't say is how do these computers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Setting up a LAN Wireless ...

Connect to the Internet. With Wire or Wirelessly?

If it one or the other the above will be of assistance to you.

But if the PC is connected with Wire and the NB Wireless you need to enter the Routers Setup and bridge the Wired and Wireless Networks so that they see and can communicate with each other.

As well as doing the above after you have set the Router to allow the 2 LAN's to communicate with each other.


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More specifications...

by cloudsevn In reply to What you didn't say is ho ...

For the internet I have WLAN. So I have an OvisLink AP, which is connected to the router. The router is configured to automatically login to my ISP. My desktop is connected to the router with and Ethernet cable and the laptop wireless. That's how my network is connected and both the PC and the notebook have internet, but I can't get a LAN between the two. HOw do I configure the router? I'll try to bridge the connections, but I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More specifications...
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Grab your routers Manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to More specifications...

And look up the HTTP address for the Router. Open your Web Browser and enter the HTTP Address then enter when the Browser Interface opens insert the Routers User Name &

From there you'll need to look at the Manual as different makes/models have different ways of doing this.

Might pay you to check the Firmware while your at it as well and update to the newest Firmware before doing this.


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by cloudsevn In reply to Grab your routers Manual

Thank you all for your time and help. After some more reading and asking around i figured everything was set up good, I just didn't do the drive mapping right. After I typed in


in the run command everything worked fine from both PC's. But before that whenever I tried to go in the "view all workgroup computers" I just didn't see any and it even said that MSHOME is unavailable. But now it work fine. So thanks again...

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