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Setting up a mail server for 350+ people

By Mikebyrne000 ·
Im doing a case study where I am setting up a mail server in a hospital for 350 managers.

I also have to buy 350 new pc's (which I suppose I can order with Office 08.)

I presume the easiest thing to do would be to buy the Microsoft Exchange Server and use that as a mail server but what are my other options?

Lotus Domino Server and use Lotus Notes?

Novell Server to use with Groupwise?

All advice would be great

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What are the requirements?

by LarryD4 In reply to Setting up a mail server ...

Whar are the needs of the mail system?

Exchange/Lotus/Groupwise are not really called email servers anymore. They are now known as "Enterprise" management solutions...

In other words they don't just do email, they do contact management, meeting management, colaberation management, resource management, etc...

So you need to determine how robust of a mail package you need.

If its just email you need, their are much cheaper solutions then the aboved mentioned.

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More info

by Mikebyrne000 In reply to What are the requirements ...

Im getting new 350 PC's and a server from Dell.

The PC's can come with Vista or XP and the server doesnt have an OS so its really a blank canvas to work with.

The system doesnt really need an Enterprise solution but I'm just currently pricing one for comparasion reasons

What "Just Email" solutions would you recommend and what server OS would be compatible?

Any help on this would be great!

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by gstrickland In reply to More info

I dislike MS Exchange.

My choice would be VPOP3.

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to backup, great support.

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neonInsight? - Open Source with a Twist!

by franskcat21 In reply to Setting up a mail server ...
Will give you all the features you are looking for and more:
Support for all protocols when it comes to e-mail calendar collaboration. Provided in the package is also ldap server that you may or may not choose to use, anti-spam anti-virus, syncml with push technology to your hand-held devices, IM server jabber etc.

Services may be accessed via web-client and desktop client. Easy to install, supported on most of the linux platform. Easy to administrate.
And most of all cheap in those recession time.

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