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    Setting up a new PC


    by ymw12lex ·

    David Williams wrote an article “Follow these 10 steps when setting up a new PC.” He suggested that applications like word processing program, Adaptec Direct CD, Inter Video dvd, Windows Media Player, etc., should be install in a seperate volume/partition. So that these programs will not be in the same place as the system files. How do you install these programs on its own volume/partition? Am I interpreting the word “applications” correctly? HELP.

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      by itbutterfly ·

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      Have you partitioned your HD?

      It is purely preference whether or not to install apps on the main partition. I work for a very large, international company. We install local apps on the primary partition unless space is a factor.

      If you have partitioned your HD and the app that you are trying to install will allow it, you simply change the path during the installation instruction to reflect the partitioned drive.

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