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Setting up a New PMO

By SmallFish ·

I am setting up a new PMO in an organization of @ 200 people, mostly in maintenance projects.

How do I go about it? Thanks.


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First Task

by Tig2 In reply to Setting up a New PMO

Define and communicate the methodology that you wish to have followed for project. Determine how a project is begun and funded. Make sure that the process is simple and repeatable.

In the first months, be prepared to do "health checks" to insure that the PMO is delivering on its business goals- I assume that these have been identified and communicated?

You say mostly maintenance projects- I assume software maintenance? Upgrades? Do these projects have a business driver? If so, you want to be able to establish that the work done is meeting the business requirements.

Your goal is repeatablity and consistancy. Projects die of "terminal uniqueness", failure to follow established processes. Insure that written documentation has templates to follow that have been aligned to the business requirements and are reusable. Put them where project management can get to them easily.

Small organisation means that while these points seem complex, they are really pretty simple.

I suggest Tom Mochal's Ten Step Project Management site for additional insight. Keep in mmind that Tom is VERY applicable to large complex organisations and so may be more than you need.

The very best of luck to you!

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Steps to Building a Successful PMO

by PM Hut In reply to Setting up a New PMO

I would suggest reading this article: http://www.pmhut.com/four-steps-to-building-a-successful-pmo

It has a very comprehensive view on how to build a successful PMO

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Small start is good

by Usdrodavas In reply to Setting up a New PMO


I have a post to start http://www.goodpmo.com/pm-basics-projects-support/

And keep it simple! Being so small it should be easy to target the exact needs/gaps.

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